Back to the Lagoon II – Manu Road

18 de julio de 2018by Guadalupe Lodge0

During my brief stay in Patria Village. I did a short walk to the lagoon which is around 3 kilometers far. The vegetation nearby is degraded because of the use of the land for agriculture, the introduction of alien grasses it’s also a problem, as most of the forest adjacent to the road is surrounded by second-growth with scattered trees where most of the common can be seen however surprising spots may also occur.

The first stop was to look for shores birds good number were in evidence, it’s been a surprise as all they were congregated in a small pond: greater and lesser yellowlegs and few solitaries sandpipers, and the most surprising was the great look of Semipalmated Plover.

All of them flying around the eroded soil and catching bugs. Continuing the walk, I did see a bunch of second-growth specialists, Chestnut-bellied Seedeater and See-finch, black and white Seedeater.

This also was a great opportunity to photograph the black-faced tanager, few reports are considered for this species on this location, the scattered vegetation was also holding other interesting birds such as barred antshrike, dark-breasted spinetail, long-tailed tyrants, white-winged becard, few birds call emerged out from the scattered bamboo forest including the Peruvian endemic black-backed tody-flycatcher among the common white lined antbird, fiery capped manakin among others.

Making regular stops and scanning what was a relatively look the common species: Tropical kingbird, smooth billed ani, blue and gray, palm tanagers, black-billed thrush, oropendolas, and scavengers such as black vultures and few raptors were soaring, plumbeous kites and the roadside hawk as usual perched on power lines. While I started birding at the ponds where I fell always welcomed by the clumsy hoatzin flying around the lagoon, I have also be surprised finding a nest of the great kiskadee with few chicks. So, an extremely enjoyable morning walk that produced nice birds sights despite the warm conditions, I have counted 54 species in a couple of hours, see the complete bird list of this location at Ebird – Laguna Patria

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